Monday, June 01, 2009

Episode 252: Threadless Sale. Again!

Got back grades for EN124, and that's worked out to a high 2:1 overall, which is great. Have discovered that the cover of my laptop now has a lot of random scratches and scuffing. A little annoyed, but have realised from the moment the laptop arrived that choosing glossy over matte was one of those stupid moments when I traded common sense for aesthetics. Oh well. On to happier things, like the $5 Threadless sale! I'm going to get myself some new t-shirts again, except this time, I'm going to pay for as little of them as possible. How, you ask? By referring people to Threadless, as well as taking pictures of myself in Threadless tees and uploading them to the site. I've already earned USD 6 through referrals, and after I'm done with the photographs, I should get another USD 24. That's going to be enough to cover the shipping and then some, so I won't have to break the bank just to get some additions to my wardrobe. I will stop buying clothes after this, I really will. Only one caveat to this, and that's if I come across a leather jacket. Still slightly sore about missing out on that Zara one all those months ago! One last thing: shopping for groceries is still something completely alien to me. At least this time, I took less time to figure out the location of everything that I was looking for!

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Finny said...

I'll have to introduce you to grocery shopping online next year! It is quite possibly cheaper than shopping instore... and its quicker and easier to find things.

Also, isnt zara a girl's shop?