Thursday, June 18, 2009

Episode 269: Packing!

Have managed to pack away stuff into four medium boxes, four paper/plastic bags and one backpack. What I need is to get about two or three large boxes, and then I can pack away my remaining stuff in those. I've already filled my two suitcases, and as I have no weighing machine, I'm a bit worried that I've exceeded my baggage allowance! Will have to stuff loads of books into my Crumpler and laptop bags, I guess. Am bringing more books home to leave behind than I'd initially intended to, but this is in recognition of the fact that I'm probably going to accumulate a substantial number of books in the 09/10 academic year, so it's best to leave as little behind as possible. In fact, the only books I'm leaving behind are those that I think will stay here until the end of my degree. Call it a trove of potential inspiration, if you will. That means I actually have to read some of the books, and despite being free from academic stuff for the past week or so, I've failed to do much of that. I am going to make it a point to at least finish reading Celan's Fathomsuns & Benighted from Carcanet. I can pick up John Ashbery's stuff at libraries back home, a fact which surprises me. On the other hand, there's not much Thom Gunn to be found back home, which is quite upsetting. I'm still holding out for a Complete Poems from him, or at least an updated Collected Poems that incorporates Boss Cupid. Faber & Faber, get on it already!

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