Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Episode 275: All My Bags Are Packed

I'm ready to go. I've shuffled some of my stuff around again, and I think it fits slightly better now. Still overweight, of course, but I'm still praying for a miracle on that front at the check-in counter tomorrow. Found out that I have to self-quarantine when I get back to Singapore, at least where MOE is concerned. So I can't attend the briefing for my school attachment, and apparently, neither can a lot of my peers. Personally, I think the whole concept of quarantine is inherently flawed. I'm supposed to be quarantined, but there's nothing to stop my family members from going out and about, and if I were infected, what's the likelihood that they wouldn't be as well? Think about it. Without meaning to downplay the danger posed by the current pandemic, or disregard all those victims who've lost their lives, I think we're overreacting as a global community. Then again, I'm not a healthcare expert, so what do I know? Perhaps they're all right after all, and I'll be sorry for doubting them when the virus mutates and comes roaring back with a vengeance. Am making myself a last crummy dinner, before heading out to The Dirty Duck for the last time until autumn blows around. I'm going to miss this place while I'm gone. I think I'll miss it more than I've missed Singapore, which sounds like a terrible thing to admit to, but there you go. I've typed it here, for all the world to see. A quick word about my results. This first year has turned out, shall we say, quite literally, for which I'm grateful. Here's to more of the same in 09/10!

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