Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Episode 261: But It Doesn't Feel Any Different

I genuinely wonder how much alcohol I would have to consume to wake up with a hangover the next day. To my knowledge, I've never had one. Have frittered away my first full day of true summer freedom on music, Season 7 of Charmed, and Cambridge Companions. My autographed copy of Daniel Boys's debut, So Close, has finally arrived, and it is eminently listenable. Also had the chance to take another listen to some of Jon McLaughlin's stuff. I had completely no idea that he was the one who sang 'So Close' on the Enchanted soundtrack, said song having been covered by Boys for his album. The random connections that you can uncover with a few clicks of the mouse! Spent some time downloading various Cambridge Companions while watching the first couple of episodes of Season 7 of Charmed. I think I might be able to finish the entire series before I leave the UK! Am now playing Uno on Facebook. Facebook is slowly turning into this amalgamation of everything that can actually take place in real life. It's cool, but also freaking scary. So I'm going to get off it and read some poetry instead. Go me.

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