Monday, May 03, 2010

Episode 588: This Commentary Is Totally Kicking My Butt

Managed to wake up and get to church, although it was a huge struggle to roll out of bed. I was pretty efficient at data entry though. Was going to get some shopping done at Tesco and head home to grab my handphone before coming back for the tapfactory editorial meeting, as I'd left it behind earlier in my haste to catch the bus. (Also, what is it with underage kids getting people to buy them cigarettes? The kid was just standing at the corner of the road, waiting. Didn't help him, of course. Not out of some moral compunction though. I'd have missed the bus if I'd gone into the store.) Ended up changing my mind because I wasn't actually sure if Tesco would be open on a bank holiday. Am now in the process, once again, of trying to make myself write this commentary. I've got an idea for the beginning, so I think I might get that down at least before going to bed. The more I go through my shelves, the more I find stuff that I think, on a subconscious level at least, has informed the poems I've written this time. The latest is the collaboration between Madeleine Lee and Eleanor Wong, y grec. It seems that the collection was the fruit of a journey they took together through Greece, so in that respect, it's really similar to what I was trying to do with my own portfolio. Now, if only I could put all of that down in the commentary, right?

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