Saturday, May 22, 2010

Episode 607: Duotrope's Digest

So early this morning, I got two acceptances within the space of 10 minutes. One was from escarp, which took a completely rewritten version of a haiku they'd rejected just hours earlier, and Milk Sugar, a new journal that's just gearing up to launch. I'm going to be self-deprecating and say that may be the reason why they took all the poetry I sent in, although that said, the editor's favourite was a poem that had in fact been rejected six times previously. 'Nights After Eden', one of those 20-liners I wrote for EN273. De gustibus non est disputandum, I guess? I also sent in that non-fiction piece I'd done about Singapore, which went down really well, so I suppose I've succeeded with what I set out to do there, as the Craigslist advertisement is tagged geographically as Harlem/Morningside. As to why I was on Craigslist, I was following a link from Twitter via Six Sentences, calling for submissions to a new anthology of six-sentence stories being put together. I've got till Wednesday to submit for that, which I fully intend on doing so.

As a result of feeling slightly insomniac, I then decided to start reporting my submissions and acceptances/rejections to Duotrope's Digest. As of this moment, my acceptance ratio over the past year (more like four months) is 12.87%, which is quite heartening, I think. As a result of all this updating of my Duotrope account, I went to bed at about 3 am, overslept, and missed the Archaeology lesson. I did intend to turn up today, I really did, but looking at the Harris matrix assignment and the Powerpoint slides, I can safely say that oversleeping was a sound decision, as the assignment looks doable, and this was after I'd looked through the slides once. May try to finish it on Monday, along with that story I'm meant to write. Oh, this just in. Camroc Press Review is taking 'Les Maudits', which has also had six prior rejections. I remember tweeting about wanting at least one acceptance to come in this week, so I guess I've got more than I was hoping for. I'm also this close to securing a regular book reviewing gig with a journal, also something I found through Craigslist. It's not a paid position, what compensation there is to be had being derived through what I can get by hooking myself up with Amazon Affiliates and presumably driving traffic to the books through my reviews. The editor seems open to the idea, but I'm worried the fact that I'm still in university rather than an aged graduate will count against me in the end.

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