Sunday, May 16, 2010

Episode 601: Brilliant Afternoon

Can't believe I just burnt an hour trying to complete a level in Osmos and failing. Sigh. I think I'll just go and read a book instead. The presentation is still memorised as of an hour ago, so I really hope I don't blank out on Tuesday. I'm honestly relying on myself to go into autopilot mode once I sit down in front of the examiner to nail it. Am tempted not to write anything down on the card we're allowed to take in, but that smacks of sheer arrogance, so I'll scribble down the openings of a couple of sentences, just to help me along if I get stuck. The problem with learning something by heart in this way is that if you forget just one sentence, you might get stuck. Anyway, I had a great afternoon in the Jephson Gardens with the other people in Leamington cluster. (I won a game of The Settlers Of Catan!) I definitely don't regret choosing to move to Leamington over moving back to campus, even though it's the sort of decision that made some of the people I know do a double take when they first heard of it. Besides, being near to campus is wildly overrated, if you ask me.

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