Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Episode 590: Colorco To The Rescue!

I feel like aiming to finish this commentary and get the whole portfolio bound by Friday is being recklessly optimistic. The lady at Colorco on Sovereign Road says I can bring it in as late as Monday morning, and the place appears to have a lot of experience with stressed out students looking to get their dissertations bound, so I imagine turnaround should be reasonably quick. This also means I can spend the night of my birthday slaving away, if I'm really lax for the rest of the night and tomorrow. I am slowly crawling through the commentary though, helped by the fact that there haven't been any TV shows to catch up on today apart from V. (Have so far valiantly resisted the temptation to watch the Riverworld miniseries that I'd forgotten had premiered last month.) It's getting easier because now I'm just writing 150-200 words about the individual poems, and I've also stopped caring about whether they make me sound clever or not. I'm all about the honesty now! In fact, I've written enough so far that I'm a third of the way to my minimum word count, which is 4860. If I keep up the same length on the individual commentaries throughout as I have for the first handful so far, I might even be able to reach the 5400 that I should have been aiming for in the first place.

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