Friday, May 07, 2010

Episode 592: 23!

A surprisingly large number of people have wished me a happy birthday, although I suppose I have Facebook to thank for that. Not that I mind very much. Am not one of those people who get offended if you forget my birthday, or if you rely on things like Facebook to remind you, partly because I'm quite rubbish at remembering people's birthdays too. I used to put the dates in my handphone, but after I switched from my old one years ago, I kind of stopped bothering, especially since Facebook is so handy for that now. I spent the early hours of my birthday following the election results, going to bed around the time the Conservatives overtook Labour. Not because I was depressed by this turn of events, although it was distressing, but rather because I'd finally finished the commentaries! They're quite crappy towards the end, but I really couldn't be bothered anymore. Got up in the morning, went to campus and printed off all the stuff that's due on Monday. Then I realised I forgot to put page numbers and my student ID on every page. Well, no way was I going to spend money reprinting more than 100 pages. Besides, I figured my tutors wouldn't mind that much. Getting the portfolio bound took less than 10 minutes, which came as a complete surprise to me! Even had time before house dinner to catch up on some shows. We had dinner at Le Bistrot Pierre in Leamington, as we've got three consecutive birthdays in our house, although none of us are actually born in the same year. That would've been a bit too weird a coincidence!

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