Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Episode 604: Feeling Hardworking...

Cool worship session in church. Was reading James Fenton's An Introduction To English Poetry before that and have just finished, so I'm feeling incredibly hardworking. It's actually very readable, even if there are points at which I find myself disagreeing with Fenton's comments, particularly about rhyme. I completely agree with what he has to say about form though. I might even buy my own copy of the book after I return this one to the Library! Anyway, I just saw the season finale for V. Heart sank a bit when Erica had to kill Joshua, but was pleased to see at the end that he's not dead after all. Other highlight of the ending was Lisa's tiny smile when witnessing Anna's anguish. I would say it was a smirk, but that's probably reading too much into it. Between FlashForward and V, I'd say the latter has more storytelling potential, although both shows moved far too slowly in a first season for my liking, so I'm glad V is going to get a second season. FlashForward's plot apparently isn't going to get a full resolution, but that's okay, since I don't really care that much anymore. Yeah, I get it, you're trying to examine philosophical issues and become the new Lost. So what?

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