Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Episode 589: Stuck In A Rut Of My Own Making

It seems like Gossip Girl is definitely creeping back to its former glory, and not a moment too soon. The rumour mill has it that a cast shakeup is taking place for Season 4, including Taylor Momsen's departure. Finally! Can't stand her character. Picked up my EN227 essay after French, and it was great. Chalk one more up for my string of low Firsts. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I do wish I could score something higher than 74 for once. I appreciate that there are people who will hate me for even writing this, but the fact remains that it feels like my academic writing has stagnated. Granted, it's an enviable place to be stuck at, but I would still like to improve. I've managed to move forward with the commentary by the way. It's currently at 880 words, and I'm feeling very self-satisfied. It's not that the commentary's terribly good though. I'm just pleased it's getting done! Found out from someone in my French class that there's a printer in Earlsdon, so I'm going to pop by tomorrow and find out if it's cheaper to get the binding done there than at WarwickPrint. With any luck, they might even open on Saturdays, which means more time to get the commentary done!

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