Monday, May 31, 2010

Episode 616: Quel Désastre!

So apparently, I did damage the N95 further while trying to repair it myself. The cost of repair, even if I bring it back to Singapore, is likely to outstrip the value of the handset when it is traded in, so there seems to be little point in trying to do anything further. Anyway, this failure has completely destroyed my self-belief in this area, so in future, if anything breaks, I'll just throw money at someone else to fix it for me. On the bright side, this probably means that I'll be getting a new mobile once I get back home. If my contract's also up for renewal, maybe it's time to try some negotiation tactics with SingTel and get a better deal for myself. Studying in Costa was moderately successful, although I did spend more time at first laughing at/with Laura/Sophie than reading Peter Sansom's Writing Poems. Am going all the way back again tomorrow, once I collect the boxes from the shipping company. I hope they turn up when they say they're planning to, especially since I'm going to be getting up extraordinarily early (i.e. 8 am) just so that I don't miss the delivery!

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