Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode 597: Clive Barker, Meet My Library. Library, Meet Clive Barker.

Am determined to finish writing my oral presentation before going to bed tonight. I'm already halfway there! I even know what the two remaining paragraphs are going to be about, so I just need to find the fancy French words to say it. (Can I point out here that Google Translate has definitely improved by leaps and bounds from when it first started?) I spent £55.50 on all of Clive Barker's books today, even though my original intention when I went on Amazon UK was to see if I could buy any books for next year's modules. Oh well. It could've been worse. I could've spent more than 50% more if I'd bought new books instead of used ones. The used ones are 'Fulfilled by Amazon' anyway, so if the condition isn't satisfactory, I'll just send them back for a refund. That might actually be a good way to fund books for next year that I have to read, if I don't intend to keep them. Buy just before the start of term, send them back during Reading Week and get the next half-term's books. Also caught a series of short play readings today put on by students in the Humanities Studio, all of which had things to recommend them, although my favourite was naturally the one that was deliberately and shamelessly breaking the fourth wall throughout. I wonder if it would be possible to extend the idea to a full-length play without becoming tedious?

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