Friday, May 28, 2010

Episode 613: Failed To Repair N95

So it turns out the N95 is still going to get me $100 if I trade it in at SingTel, so it's worth trying to get it repaired. Sophie's recommended this guy at the Royal Priors, but it's definitely going to cost more than what my parents suggested should be the maximum I pay to get it repaired. I'd prefer to get that done at a Nokia store in Singapore anyway, since then there'll definitely be no issue about trading it in when the times comes, but my parents think they don't check the internal parts, so it won't be an issue that I've bought and replaced the LCD screen myself. Oh well. This'll sort itself out eventually. I'm just annoyed that I could've fixed it myself, but I must have screwed up something at some point that all those how-to guides didn't warn me about. So that was the entire first half of the afternoon wasted. Have been spectacularly unproductive after that, which I'm going to try and rectify by reading the book I'm meant to be reviewing! First though, I just want to register my disappointment at the FlashForward series finale. I don't care if they filmed it expecting to be brought back for another season. It's possibly the worst finale I've ever seen. What kind of arrogance presumes that you're going to get a renewal and therefore are allowed to film a finale that answers the least important questions of the entire season, while throwing a few curveballs that blatantly angle for a second season? Someone out there has actually analysed why FlashForward deserved renewal compared to V, which actually got it, but sorry, that guy is just wrong. Granted, the first season of V was also quite trying as TV, so if the second season doesn't buck up, you can be sure it's going to get flushed too.

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