Saturday, May 29, 2010

Episode 614: Eurovision 2010!

Just watched Eurovision for the first time at Kathy's place with a bunch of other people. Was initially rooting for either Greece or Turkey to win (we printed out our own scoring cards), but then Germany's entry came on, by the end of which Christian and I were sold on her. Turns out the rest of Europe agreed, as Lena Meyer-Landrut was crowned the winner for the very catchy 'Satellite'. The commentator described her as being like Björk, Lily Allen and Gabriella Cilmi, which is somewhat of an exaggeration, although I can totally see where he was coming from. I also thought her weird Irish-American accent when singing was very cute, although it's really odd how she pronounced 'day' with an Irish brogue but reverted to a more typical pronunciation for 'way', when she really should have been rhyming them. Oh well, at least she won. I would have been appalled if some of the other entries that proved so popular with the voters had won. I mean, it's okay to like cheesy music, but some of the songs raking in the votes were just abysmal or not really that deserving of so many votes! I was heartily amused by the UK's appalling performance. We had only just managed to claw our way into double-digit points at 10, when Belarus completely blew us out of the water by netting 12 in one stroke. Poor Josh Dubovie must be feeling so humiliated now...

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