Thursday, May 27, 2010

Episode 612: Getting Somewhere

So I was listening to Steve Appleton's When The Sun Comes Up while riding the 12 home from Roisin's birthday dinner and drinks in Leamington, and it suddenly struck me just how rare it is to hear commercially-oriented music being sung in a non-American accent. Yeah, pretty random, I know. I think this is definitely one of my favourite albums at the moment because it's so irrepressibly happy and upbeat. If I ever made music, I really wouldn't mind if it sounded like that. Could've stayed over at Christian's again, but I came home because I need to be up at a reasonable hour tomorrow to finish reading The Island At The End Of The World and make a stab at getting started on the review, as well as grabbing the titles for WSC and somehow getting started on my Harrix matrix assignment. (At some point, I should probably also think of starting revision.) I did come home to a very pleasant surprise in the form of an acceptance e-mail from The Cadaverine, so I am beyond happy right now. Oh, and if you ever get the chance, you should read Hart Crane's long poem, The Bridge. I just read aloud the last section, 'Atlantis', and I think it is exquisitely beautiful. Most of the time, my first reading of a Crane poem makes little to no sense to me, but it is always beautiful nonetheless.

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