Thursday, May 13, 2010

Episode 598: Too. Many. Books.

In one of those strange-but-true turn of events, the tutor that I was going to approach about supervising my personal writing project has basically offered to do so before I even got around to asking. It's quite flattering in a way, to have someone who believes in your work that much. I started reading Kazuo Ishiguro's Nocturnes, and the stories in there are like everything I like about Ishiguro's novels distilled into a couple of pages, 'Come Rain Or Come Shine' being a brilliant example. I also reorganised my bookshelves, mainly just to separate all my books into three categories: leave behind over summer, ship back before term ends, and carry back in luggage. The first category contains a distressing number and probably severely overestimates the amount of poetry I will actually get around to reading in the course of working on my personal writing project. Oh well. My parents aren't going to like it, but by the end of my third year, I'll probably have accumulated so many books that I'll need two new sets of bookshelves for them. Where these are going to go, I have no idea. My room is certainly out of space. Will probably end up leaving them in the boxes that they'll be shipped back in!

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