Sunday, May 30, 2010

Episode 615: First Book Review For Evolve Journal

So naturally, I went and found Lenka's album, My Cassette Player, after I got home at 4 am. (Random fact: It was released on my birthday.) I don't think any of the other songs are as catchy as 'Satellite', but as a whole, the songs have that quirkiness that will appeal to quite a fair number of people, I should imagine. I did manage to wake up in time for church this morning, and then spent the afternoon after that playing The Settlers Of Catan at John's place. Wasn't all fun and games today though, as I had to finish the book review for Evolve Journal. Have just done so, and I think it's pretty okay. It's going to be published on Wednesday, so I'll provide a link to it then. Am now catching up on Doctor Who, while writing a poem I had an idea for a couple of nights ago but didn't note down. (It's a lot more tedious to type out drafts in a Nokia 6610 with a wonky keypad than you might think! Hopefully, I'm going to get my N95 evaluated for repair tomorrow, and this state of affairs won't last.) It seemed interesting at the time, so I'm going to try and work it out in full.

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