Sunday, May 09, 2010

Episode 594: Happy Mother's Day!

Feel completely knackered, but I still can't snooze for as long as I want tomorrow because I have to get onto campus to hand in my work. Doesn't help that I've been awake since 7.30 am! The talk this week was good though, so I didn't mind hearing it twice, even though by the second time, I was so sleepy. Could've gone home straight away after the evening service, but ended up in Varsity, and then going to John's place for leftover pasta bake. It was good to catch up with him though, as we haven't spoken properly in ages. Could also have taken a nap earlier in the Learning Grid between the two services, but I ended up on Facebook and playing Fractal, the new game from Cipher Prime. I thought Auditorium was going to be a tough act to follow, but I think the guys at Cipher Prime have definitely nailed it. Even the demo that's available online is addictive! Obviously, I've pre-ordered, since it's 33% off the full price. I hope it comes as a standalone download instead of only a web version like with Auditorium. My mum would definitely enjoy this game. Speaking of which, I can't believe she thought I'd forgotten it was Mother's Day, just because I only sent her an SMS greeting at 5.30 pm her time. After all, it was only 8.30 am for me!

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