Saturday, May 01, 2010

Episode 586: Legion

Last night, I saw Legion, yet another film that attempts to incorporate Judaeo-Christian religious themes. It's possibly the most sacrilegious take I've seen though. The God of Legion has completely given up on humanity and wants to destroy it once and for all. Think Armageddon, except nobody's going to Heaven in this version. Unsurprisingly, we have the fallen angel motif like in Gabriel, except in this film, it's Michael who rebels against his divine orders. This allows Paul Bettany as Michael to spout the following lines at Kevin Durand's Gabriel, describing the failure of his angelic brethren: 'You gave him what He wanted. I gave him what He needed.' Syntactical similarity masquerades as significance. I will say that the film did a decent job of setting up a parallel between its narrative and the Christ story. Unwed mother? Check. Devoted partner? Check. Baby who is meant to be the salvation of mankind? Check. At least the film doesn't seem to be trying too hard for a sequel, since God relents and humanity lives to screw up another day, although when Michael tells Jeep (Lucas Black) to find the prophets, I got a bit worried that they were going to throw out a plot point at the last minute that doesn't get explored any further in this film.

Despite being up to finish the film, I still managed to wake up and meet Dan to check out a vintage sale in Kings Heath, Birmingham. I just wanted to see what was on offer, since I can't afford to buy anything due to financial and space constraints. The trains weren't running today though, due to maintenance work, so we had to catch a replacement bus service between Coventry and Birmingham International. When I got back home, I spent a couple of hours reorganising my MP3 files. The Corrs, to be precise. I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive about my iTunes library. Once I'd done that though, I got right to work on my French composition about the mass media. Got it done really quickly too, so now I'm rewarding myself with the latest episodes of Ghost Whisperer and Doctor Who! Will worry about the portfolio commentary tomorrow evening, I suppose. At the rate I'm going, I probably won't have time to get it bound, but it's not exactly compulsory so I'm not too bothered. It would be nice though...

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