Monday, May 17, 2010

Episode 602: Foiled!

So there was a huge pile of books awaiting me today (mostly poetry, a lot of it being Michael Hulse's), although I had to wait till after 5 pm for the box of Clive Barker books to arrive. HDNL continues to not impress me. As I'd guessed, most of the books aren't what I was looking for. Harper has recently reissued almost all of Barker's books with a classier series of covers than what the pretty tacky originals, but out of the entire box, only one of the used books that I bought was actually a reissue. Didn't matter though, since all of the used books I'd bought were 'Fulfilled by Amazon', so I'm just going to ship them all back and get new copies directly from Amazon UK instead. So much for trying to save money! Oddly though, the payment for this shipment never went through. I mean, it did, but then over the weekend, the charge was somehow reversed, and as of tonight, no move has been made to reclaim it. Just as well, since they're going to have to refund me for practically the whole order. I'm quite sick of my oral presentation, so I've gone over it once today and I'm not going to look at it again until tomorrow morning. I just want the French papers to be over so that I no longer have an excuse to avoid revision for EN227 and EN238...

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