Friday, May 14, 2010

Episode 599: Updates From The Land Of TV

Watched the season finale of The Vampire Diaries after coming back from Lizzie's surprise birthday party at Kelsey's. Amazing. I guess this is the luxury of knowing your show's already been renewed. You get to seed all sorts of plot threads in your finale. After this, I honestly cannot believe Lucy still insists Twilight is the better vampire series. I am starting to get annoyed with how people just seem to casually die on The Vampire Diaries though. I mean, in the season finale alone, we had three deaths that in plot terms, really came out of nowhere. I thought the writers should have kept Anna around longer, especially since her relationship with Jeremy would make for an interesting parallel to Stefan's with Elena, although bringing back Katherine was a brilliant move. If they keep her around, then all the fans who've been rooting for Elena to get together with Damon instead of Stefan can rejoice. Can't really see them keeping her on permanently in the second season though, partly because the whole thing about Nina Dobrev playing two different characters is going to get pretty weird after a while. In other news, FlashForward has been cancelled, so there goes what could've been the next Lost. Bizarrely though, the V remake has been renewed, although both series have completely failed to deliver on their early promise. Oh, and Heroes has been cancelled too. Not that I really care that much because I never really quite got into that show, and from what I've heard, the later seasons were messy and a letdown. Out of all the shows that have yet to be renewed though, I'd really like the Melrose Place reboot to get a chance, unlikely as that is. I really just want to see more of Katie Cassidy's bitchiness, so if The CW could somehow write her into one of their other shows as part of the main cast (preferably Gossip Girl, as the dynamics on that show are really starting to get stale), Melrose Place can get cancelled for all I care.

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