Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Episode 610: Win Some, Lose Some

Have finished off another film review for Warwick Student Cinema because the Reviews Editor sounded like she really needed people to come forward and help out, and it's not like I've been using my time productively otherwise anyway. I also wrote that story I've been meaning to send in for that upcoming anthology from Six Sentences. I hope it gets selected, if only because how often do you see me writing a story with veiled references to prostitution? Just kidding. I really like Rob McEvily's site, and he's looked kindly on my work in the past, so I thought I'd support the anthology. I've also got the book reviewing gig at Evolve Journal confirmed, so I'm going to be reviewing Sam Taylor's The Island At The End Of The World to begin with. It was either that or China Miéville's The City & The City, but I'm thinking I'll save that for my next one. Of course, to balance out all this, the weather today has been crap compared to the past couple of days, and the lousy driving skills of a bus driver who was so ridiculously late to begin with also cost me the LCD screen of my N95. It's no longer under warranty, so I'm just going to get the screen off eBay and fix it myself. It doesn't look that difficult. Still, I think it's like some sort of cosmic sign that I should get a new mobile when I get back to Singapore. Don't you agree?

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