Monday, May 10, 2010

Episode 595: Creative Writers Do A Bar Crawl (Again)

So I basically decided to blow off my French class tomorrow because I wanted to stay out late in Leamington instead of being responsible and catching the last bus home. Besides, I don't actually need the lesson. Heck, I could take the examination tomorrow and still do more than pass. (That's not even arrogance talking! It's totally true.) The night's shaping up to be pretty epic though, and it's stuff like this which is pretty much why I'd rather move to Leamington rather than be boringly typical and move back to campus in my final year. After all, if the past year has been any indication, my social life revolves more around my coursemates who live in Leamington than my Singaporean friends anyway. It's nothing personal, I just find it easier to meet up with the former. You know, timetables and stuff. Incidentally, I think the amount I've drunk tonight is fast approaching what I had on my 21st birthday when I was sick later in the night, but I strangely feel fine. I did try to have some Heineken earlier in the night which made me feel quite ill, so I gave most of it to Alex. I do like Heineken after my experience during my holiday, but I think beers/ales are just too filling as drinks for me? I'm definitely more of a cocktail person, even if they do cost more. I think I've definitely had too much to drink though. Perhaps beginning the night with four measures of J├Ągermeister wasn't the smartest move?

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